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Introductive textualisms

I'm Joe Crow, and this is where I'm at. I'm a writer, an artist, and a student of history, among other things.


11.23.13: Hey, you're all still there! Weird.

So, what's up with me? Well, over the last couple of years I've changed day jobs, gotten a degree in Illustration, and had a heart attack, not in that order. Left IMEC, was out of work for a year or so and now it's back to the third shift convenience store life for me. Went back to NECC and got my Associates Degree in Illustration. While I was working on that, the ticker went pop, pretty much outta nowhere. Got a couple of stents put in, and got to listen to the docs explain that they really didn't know why my arteries were clogging up but hey, here, take all of these meds anyway. Bah.

So, now I'm working on my art portfolio, and I'll be slinging some of that up here in a bit. Also starting to work on Tower of Rusted Bone, a sword and sorcery novel set in my Jewel Cities world, starring Barak the Axe, a ex-mercenary thug-for-hire, Kharesh Androkahl, a necromancer, and Lia Andrelli, an assassin-priest, and their merry adventures saving the city of Ruby from the vengeance of an ancient sorcerous weapon of mass destruction. I'll put a page up with some basic info on that a bit later.

I'm also still looking for freelance game writing work, if there's anybody out there offering. And once I get the portfolio up, I'll be shopping that around, looking for illustration work as well. So, hey, yeah, update wooo! And I'll totally be updating this website on a less semi-annual basis from now on. No, really! You believe me, don't you?

- your humble host