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I've been gaming (that's tabletop roleplaying for the uninitiated; pen, paper, and dice) since I was 12 years old. Started with red box D&D Basic. Since then, I've played and/or run core D&D 1st/2nd/3rd/4th (briefly) editions, Deadlands Classic, World of Darkness (new), Exalted, Alternity, Shadowrun, Gamma World (classic and d20), among others. I also do the dreaded WoWarcrack.


Up to now my pro work has been for the d20 system, standard D&D fantasy stuff. Some adventures, some supplementary magic rules, some critter expansion stuff. I'm hoping to change that soon.

My first actual sale was to Atlas Games, for their En Route collection of encounters. It was so cool to actually be published. My contribution is a short encounter called "Dance The Night Away", revolving around tricksy pixies.

EnRoute cover

My second was to Bastion Press, for their Spells and Magic sourcebook. I did the Path of Jewels and the Path of Shades, two optional magic system supplements for players. Path of Jewels is a system for using gemstones to empower and alter magical spells, and Path of Shades is a feat-based system for manipulating necromantic energy.

SpellsandMagic cover

After that, I worked mostly for Goodman Games.

My first book for them was The Complete Guide to Treants (preview here). This is a critter guide, with culture expansions, supplemental rules, and other neat stuff for treants, a giant tree-like race of forest guardians for d20 fantasy games.

Complete Guide to Treants cover

My next work was Bloody Jack's Gold (preview here). This one's a pirate treasure hunt adventure, complete with trap-laden labyrinths, vengeful ghosts, diabolical temptations, and scads of loot at the end, assuming your players survive.

Bloody Jack's Gold cover

My last work for them was Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen (preview here). This one's a slightly more traditional dungeon delve, with players working their way through the forgotten tomb of a mighty sphinx queen from the dawn of time to try and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen cover

- your humble host